Kitchener Homes for sale -Teamwork

I am spending the day with my son at his school basketball tournament. It is interesting how a team of 12 and 13 year olds function as a team. Some teams work very well together. You can tell that they have been coached and taught the fundamentals of moving the ball, making crisp passes and taking good shots. On the other hand there are teams that are made up a 5 individuals all doing their own thing. They bring the ball in, run down the court with their head down and head straight toward the basket. They take some crazy shot which is nowhere near the basket. Then they proceed to run back on defence so that they are ready for the next turn to run down the court and do it all again.

As in life, the real estate business is much the same way. In order to have the proper outcome in a real estate transaction the Realtor must ensure that every team member is playing their appropriate position. Not unlike a point guard leading his team to victory, a Realtor must assume the lead and direct the players to get the desired result.

So if the realtor is the point guard then the shooting guard is the mortgage broker. The small forwards are the lawyers and appraisers and the center is the client.  If you ever watch a great team perform, the focus is usually on the center when moving the ball down the court in order to score. He has the highest percentage of making the shot. If he has no shot he kicks the ball back out to the guard to put up the 3 pointer or reset for the next attempt to get the ball in the paint. Each member is doing their part to communicate and moving the ball around to get the score.

The center being the client, their role is get the house ready for sale, do the work of keeping it that way and ultimately scoring an offer that will result in the sale. It is the realtor’s job of leading this effort and providing information and direction to the rest of his team.

Another example would be a seller trying to sell their house themselves. One person has trouble playing two opposite positions, for example,  center and point guard. It is impossible to bring the ball up the court as well as be there to receive the pass in the middle. They don’t have the experience or the mindset of the guard because their job is to be the center and take the ball to the hoop.

When a team is made up of 5 people all doing different things, not communicating with each other or one player is trying to play too many positions at once, the result is no basket and your back on defence. Only when the point guard(realtor) takes charge and makes all the pieces work as a unit, which ultimately  keeps the ball moving thus end up with a result that is positive and worth the effort..


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