94% of ASP Staged Homes Sell on Average 29 Days or Less!

Some great advice from one of our local Home Stagers. Staging is important to make your home show the best it can be.

StyleCo Home Staging and Design

Can homeowners “stage” their own homes?  Well, there are certainly things you can do to improve the condition, etc. but having an accredited staging professional do the work, takes the pressure off both the homeowner and the realtor.  With StyleCo’s trained, and objective eye, we make the process so much simpler and clearer for you!

One of the biggest obstacles for homeowners is changing that “personal” space into a “product” that will become a commodity on the market.

How do you take the lead or have the edge on your “product”?  Well, we can help!  Start with a home staging consultation with StyleCo and make the decision following that, whether the items recommended are things you can do on your own, or something you want the professionals to do!

At StyleCo we do everything from home staging consultations including a valuable comprehensive report for the homeowner to follow along, and…

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