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Frigid February Home Sales Blanket Kitchener Waterloo Home Sales

Hope you have been enjoying the frigid weather that we have had in the past month and trying to stay warm. I just wish it could be over already and can’t wait for spring to be honest.  So the stats are out for the past month here in Kitchener Waterloo real estate and the home sales were frigid as well.

There were 343 residential sales in February, a decrease of 8.3 percent compared to February 2018. The series of winter storms in February not only kept buyers indoors and off the roads, but also away from open houses and viewings i am sure.  This was the lowest amount of sales we’ve seen in February in a very long time.

Total residential sales in February included 178 detached (down 14.8 percent), and 105 condominium units (down  11 per cent). Sales  also included 23 semi-detached homes (down 8 percent), 36 free hold townhouses (down 112 percent).

The average sale price of all residential properties sold in February increased 3 percent to $490,668 compared to February 2018 . Detached homes sold for an average price of $597,965 an increase of 3.9 percent compared to February of last year. During this same period, the average sale price for an apartment style condo was $319,536 for an increase of 20.5 percent. Townhomes and semis sold for an average of $395,331 (up 2.6 percent)  and $448,123(up 14.4 percent) respectively.

The median price of all residential properties sold last month increased 6.9 percent to $465,000 and the median  price of a detached home during the same period increased 2 per cent to $533,500.  Despite the chill in the number of sales last month, the price gains reflect that demand continues to outpace supply which is great for sellers but still makes things difficult for many buyers.

There were 562 residential properties listed in K‐W and area last month, a small increase of 1.1 percent compared to February of 2018. The number of active residential listings on the MLS System to the end of February totaled 785, which is 9 percent more than February of last year, but still well below the previous ten year average of 1,296 listing for February.

The average days it took to sell a home in February was 25 days, which is 4 days longer than the amount of time it  took in February 2018.

The market remains very much as it has been for the past several months, but the delayed winter weather finally caught up with it. While the market is coming in like a lamb in March we are expecting it to go out like a lion.

If you have any questions or have been thinking of making a move this spring, give me a call or text at 519-497-4646 or shoot me an email to and lets sit down, grab a coffee and plan out a strategy that is best suited for your families needs.

Stay warm and enjoy your weekend!


January Home Sales Up in Kitchener Waterloo

I hope you are staying warm during this very unpredictable winter weather. I am sure the kids are loving all the snow days they have had in the past weeks. The stats are out from January and the Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate market enjoyed a great month of home sales.

January was surprisingly busy with an above average number of home sales. There were 307 residential sales in January, an increase of 14.6 percent compared to January 2018 as well as the number of units sold last month were up nearly fifteen percent compared to the previous ten-year average for January.

Total residential sales in January included 189 detached (up 26 percent), and 80 condominium units (up 19.4 percent) which includes any property regardless of style (i.e. semis, townhomes, apartment, detached etc.). Sales also included 20 semi-detached homes (down 28.6 percent) and 17 freehold townhouses (down 19 percent).

The average sale price of all residential properties sold in January increased 5.3 percent to $484,076 compared to January 2018. Detached homes sold for an average price of $564,718 an increase of 1.9 percent compared to January of last year. During this same period, the average sale price for an apartment style condominium was $303,379 for an increase of 22.1 percent. Townhomes and semis sold for an average of $368,227 (up 0.7 percent) and $407,852 (up 4.6 percent) respectively. The median price of all residential properties sold last month increased 5.3 percent to $455,000, and the median price of a detached home during the same period increased 7.1 percent to $530,000

It was a positive sign to see an uptick in the number of residential listings hitting market, however, the total number of homes available for sale continues to perform well below historical averages. There were 585 homes listed in K-W and area last month, an increase of 25.5 percent compared to January of 2018. The number of active residential listings at the end of January totaled 810, which is 11.4 percent more than January of last year, but still well below the previous ten-year average of 1,189 listings for January. The average days it took to sell a home in January was 26 days, which is 5 days less than the amount of time it took in January 2018.

We have a positive outlook for 2019. I think we’re going to see home prices remain steady or have small increases, sales will continue to be strong but we’re also beginning to see more homes being listed for sale to increase our inventory and provide buyers with additional options. So long as everything else remains equal Waterloo Region should remain a strong and stable market.

If you have any questions or are thinking of buying or selling in the coming months, please give me a call  at 519-497-4646 and we can sit down for a coffee and talk about some strategies that would work best for your family needs.

Have a great weekend!