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Make Sure You Buy The Right House To Fit Your Needs – Kitchener Waterloo Real estate and homes for sale

Offer Price and Fair Market Value of a House – Kitchener Homes and Condos for sale

So you have found the right house…. now its offer time, but what price to offer. Here is where a Realtor can help. Knowing what fair market value of a home is extremely important in determining what to offer on the home of your dreams. You don’t want to overpay for something based on emotion. Watch the video to hear my thoughts on why this is an important consideration in your next home purchase.


Do Your Due Diligence When looking for your next home – Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate

The buying process can be a confusion one at the best of times and its easy to forget things with all the stress of looking, doing offers etc. Make sure you make a list of wants, needs and the important things you are looking for in a new home. Have a look at the video to hear my thougths on some of the important ones.

Mortgage Pre Approvals. Why they are a good idea! – Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate, Homes and condos online

Before you start your home buying search a great first step is to get a mortgage preapproval from your bank or mortgage broker. There are a few key reasons as to why. Have a look at this video to hear some helpful advice.

Inspectors, Realtors, Mortage Brokers, Lawyers… Putting together the right group – Kitchener Homes for sale

Part 2 in my series on what buyers should be aware of  when looking for a new place. Make sure you put together a great group of professionals to help you with the process. Have a look at the video to hear my thoughts….

25% of Homes are in the Newspaper or on Open house – Kitchener Waterloo Homes for sale

Did you know that less than 25% of homes that are for sale on the market show up in the paper or are open to the public on the weekend?

 Watch this short video to find out the best ways to find your next place.

If your thinking of selling, does finishing a basement or deck make sense? – Waterloo Homes for sale

I had a great conversation the other night with a couple thinking of selling their house. The topic of finishing a basement or putting on a deck came up and whether or not it makes financial sense to do those things to expediate the sale and get a greater sale price.  Have a look at the video to hear my thoughts…

New Licensing Bylaw coming into effect for City of Waterloo – Waterloo Homes for sale -Kevin Baker

Recently I went to a seminar on the new bylaw that is coming for the city of Waterloo covering the licensing of Landlords renting out their units/buildings. The Bylaw comes into effect on April 1, 2012 and is something to pay attention to if you currently rent out a unit or building in Waterloo or are thinking of buying a property. Have a  look at the video to hear my thoughts.

Read the Condo Documents before you buy – Kitchener Condo and lofts for sale – 375 King street N

Yesterday I spoke with a friend of mine at 375 King street N, Waterloo and he was telling me about the board of his building trying to change the policies and making it student free. They still have to get 80% of the unit owners to agree but have a look at the video and hear some thoughts on why its important to read the condo documents before you buy

Special Assessments when buying a condo or loft – Kitchener Condos for sale

If you have been looking for a new condo make sure that you get a status certificate on the building and have your lawyer do a good look through of the documents… Watch the video to hear my thoughts as to why.

Mortgages…Read the documents before you sign – Kitchener Homes for sale

Make sure you always read the paperwork before you sign any mortgage or legal documents. Have a look at the video to see my thoughts….

Video Tour of 193 Springfield Cres, Waterloo

Interest Rate announcement last week and what it means for Canadians

Here are some brief thoughts on the Fed’s announcement to keep rates at the same levels.

Pricing your Home Effectively – Kitchener Homes for sale

Here is a quck video on pricing your home properly in this brisk spring market. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Painting your Kitchen Cabinets vs Replacing them – Kitchener homes for sale

I recently had an email from a past client asking which gives you better return on your investment painting or replacing your kitchen cabinets… i gave it some thought and watch the video to hear my thoughts.

Tanglewood Condo Kitchener – Kitchener Homes and Condos for sale

I just listed the Tanglewood Condo in Kitchener. The Tanglewood features owners with the opportunity of getting in on the ground floor with pre-construction pricing and also with a  unique Down payment boosting option through the Options for Homes Company.


Have a look at the video explaining the opportunites that Tanglewood Condo in Kitchener and Options for Homes can offer you.

Listing Your Home Exclusively versus Mls.- Kitchener Homes for Sale

I have just started the process of selling my home and I tried it Exclusively for a week to see what happens… I have now listed on the mls system. Check out the video to see my thoughts on how the activity was with each of the 2 ways…

Home Staging and the Upcoming Fall Market – Kitchener home for sale

With the fall market just around the corner, it’s time to see what you can do to get your home sold if you have been on the market for a while.
Please watch the video and hear my thoughts on the upcoming fall market and the value of home staging.

Home Inspections and why do you need one -Kitchener Homes for sale.

So you have just did an offer on a house and you are thinking to yourself… Do I really need to do the home inspection? Could I save the $400.00 and put it towards something else?

Have a look at the video and hear my thoughts….

Mulitple Offers and Working with a Team – Kitchener homes for sale

The other night my team was involved in a unique situation where as we had mulitple offers on our listing, but the neat thing was that we also had both buyers. Have a look at the video to see what happened.

Great Question on CMHC rules and needing 5% down – Kitchener homes for sale.

I had a great question from one of my friends yesterday. She emailed me and said a friend of her’s told her that CMHC had changed the rules and now you needed 10% down to buy a house. I emailed her back and gave her the real information. Watch the video to see what I said…

Is it better to list now or wait till the fall?- Kitchener homes for sale

So you are thinking of getting your home up on the market but do you list it now or do you wait till the fall? Even though the summer is traditionally slower and you are thinking September or October might be better, you might want to rethink that. Watch the video to hear my thoughts on why.

Fun Fact on how to keep hornets and bee’s away from your deck. – Kitchener Homes for sale

Here’s another fun fact on how to keep bee’s and hornets away from your deck and backyard area. Not sure if it works but give it a try and let me know your results.

Fun Fact on how to avoid bird droppings on your deck or Pool – Kitchener homes for sale.

I heard an interesting “Fun Fact” the other day while swimming with my family at a friends pool. Watch the video and try it out and see if it really works.