Are all Professionals created equal? – kitchener homes for sale

The answer is obviously a resounding No! Like any profession there are good people and not so good people.

I had multiple offers on one of my listings today… so I sit down and go over each of the 3 offers with the sellers. The offers were all fairly close but one had a little extra in certain areas and a little less in others. So the Seller decided to go with one of the offers. After asking the usual questions that I ask of every agent that brings an offer to the table on one of my listings (ie. are you buyers pre-qualified, is it conventionalor high ratio mortgage etc) we put a deal together. The buyer signs off on the minor changes that we made and finalizes the deal. The Buying agent sends back the paperwork via fax and I think we are all done for the day pending inspection and mortgage approval.

Well it wasn’t 20 minutes later and the Buyer’s agent is calling me and she say’s ” they can’t get the mortgage, the mortgage broker just called and there is no way to put this deal together”.  WOW!!!  I was floored. I asked all the right questions, and got what I thought were the right answers. Was this agent just not being honest with me? Or did she not really know the answers.

Well understandably the Seller was furious and rightfully so. So after me trying to get my mortgage broker to help out and work her magic there was nothing else to do but sign the mutual release and move on. Hopefully one of the other offers will come together and work out for the sellers.

The moral of the story is even though you ask all the right questions,  it is obvious that some people do a better job at their job than others.

I would have to admit that before I start showing a buyer around town for weeks on end, I would make sure that they can at least get the money to buy the house that they fall in love with.


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