Seeing Through Home Sellers Camouflage – Kitchener Homes for Sale

If your one of the many Canadians just entering the home buyer’s market. it’s easy to overlook some of the details when looking at for your new place to call home.

In some cases, people are anxious to sell their home and may make a few cosmetic “fixes” to hide some areas where the house may need a little extra care or repairs. Here are some things to watch for:

1. Fresh coat of paint in the basement – You need to ask yourself why is that concrete floor painted? Sometimes basements will leak and they get a mineral stain on them around the concrete. Before selling homeowner’s may want to cover those things up with a coat of paint.  If you think there may be a problem go back for a second visit after a really good rain storm and check again for moisture.

2. Recently pumped septic tank – If it is a rural  property, then look at the septic system. If it has been recently pumped prior to an inspection or listing the property it could give the appearance of a well working system. A problem septic system could cost well over $20,000 to replace so you need to be sure.

3. Unusual smells. – Does the house smell like mould?  Mould is easy to hide visually by a new coat of paint but not so easy to get rid of the smell that it leaves behind.  Take a good “wiff” and see what you smell.

4.Look for things that are out of place – if there is stuff piled up in a  corner of the basement or storage areas, use caution. Take the time to move the items if you can and see what is behind them. The seller may be hiding something that they don’t want you to find out about. Cracks in the foundation or a problem with the flooring for example.

5. Protect yourself – Finally, use your gut instincts. Follow that little voice that is inside each of us, telling us that there is something just not right here. Ask questions and get the answers you are looking for. If you don’t ask them again until you do. Use a written offer with conditions so as to protect yourself. Use a  home inspector and your Realtor to find out about the items in question.  Do your due diligence. It could easily save you thousands in the long run.


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