Kitchener Homes for sale-What I learned from Survivor last night.

Another season is over and what a season it was. (  As predicted the ultimate villain Russell Hantz, tried his best to manipulate and control everything and everyone around him. So after 2 season’s you would think that he should have things figured out. Listening to him during the wrap up show, it is obvious that he really doesn’t get it.

It is a social game! Like Survivor, life is a social experiment as well. Without networks of friends, family and business contacts, life can be a very lonely place and hard to navigate. By alienating people and trying to control them you become hated and outcast. Even though Russell is a master at figuring out the best course to get him to the final three, he fails to realize that once he is there it is the relationships that he has built and the “friends” he has made that will get him to the ultimate prize of “Sole Survivor”. Without those relationships, he will always come in 2nd or 3rd.

So learn from Russell’s mistakes and develop those relationships. Be social and work on building a great network of friends and business contacts. By listening to the ideas of others you will find that life will be easier to navigate and a lot more fun in the process.


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