Kitchener Homes for sale– Photos are king when shopping online.

I have recently been shopping for a home for my family and I have come to notice a wide discrepancy in quantity and quality of the photos that are available online.

In this age of tweeting and face book, online shopping for homes has become much easier for everyone. So as I am searching online I look for information regarding bedrooms, baths etc but am most interested in pictures of the rooms, layout etc. I find it very frustrating that many agents do not utilize the benefit of good photography or any photo’s at all. I often see homes that have a couple or pictures or sometimes even 1 photo that was taken by the boards drive by photographer. In my opinion that is pitiful. How can a home seller be happy with someone that is saying they are representing their interests and are being paid to market their property for sale but can’t even take the time to take a decent photo?

On the flip side, I have seen some homes that looked absolutely beautiful in the pictures online but when we go into the house we are sadly disappointed to see the wide-angle lens that was used extremely over exaggerates the size of the rooms.

So as a potential buyer and a realtor that market homes, please take photo’s that are true representations of how the home looks. Keep it crisp and clean, use a good camera and flash and highlight the features that best sell the home. There is no excuse for poor photos… do your sellers proud.


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