Kitchener Homes for sale -Olympic Gold!!!

What a fantastic couple of weeks. I am so very proud to be a Canadian. If you have been watching any of the Olympics you would understand why I am so proud.  Over all we won 14 Gold Medals an Olympic record!  A total of 26 medals won which put us third overall. All of our Olympians should be so proud and excited for their outstanding results.

This got me thinking about dreaming and goal setting. Do you dream? I meet people every day that tell me they wish they could do this or do that. They want to travel or buy a new house or car but they make no plans to make those dreams happen.

The first step is to create the dream and then write them down. When you write it down it becomes real in your mind. The next step is to make a plan to bring the dream into reality.  The third step is to take action. Without the last step the dream will never become reality.

So take that first step and more importantly the last step and start living the life that you are dreaming of.

Leave your comments and let me know what you have been dreaming of doing. Also watch my video to see more thoughts.


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