Kitchener Homes for sale -Does your Realtor do this full time?

I had a listing appointment yesterday and the most important question that the clients had was one I don’t get very often.  Do I sell homes full time? The average realtor in Canada sells 4 homes per year and the majority of those people don’t do it full time.

As a seller you need to be aware if your realtor has another job or if he/she only sells homes part-time. I myself do this full time and sometimes more than that. The life of a Realtor is not a glamorous one but definitely one where you have to be available when your clients need you or are available.

So ask the question the next time you are interviewing agents to sell your home, and make sure you get the answers you are looking for.

Check out the video that I did in January for my thoughts and please leave your comments.


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