Kitchener Homes for sale-National Home Show

So I just got back from the National Home show in Toronto today put on by Re/Max Canada. What a fantastic event from top to bottom. There were vendors from every area of home improvement, Real Estate related services and even some outside business opportunities for those looking to create another income stream.

The cottage that was built was a wonderful design and definitely showed off what you could do with a small space. We also went through the 2010 dream home. What a great way to showcase some of the top designers in their field and the unique new ideas that are coming out.

Re/max put on a VIP area for wine tasting and to present their new Fit to Buy program for home buyers that has just been released. 

Whether you are looking for windows or doors, barbeques, an indoor skating surface or a trampoline for the back yard the National home show has something for everyone. If you get the chance take advantage of the last 3 days and make a trip to the Direct Energy building at Exhibition Place. Your Re/Max agent has special passes for you to take advantage of all the special promotional activities and if you need some please don’t hesitate to give me a call.


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