Kitchener Homes for sale -Water Cooler Advice

Friends, relatives and co-workers are wonderful. Their advice is always welcome. What you have to remember is that even though they have some thoughts on a topic, those thoughts may not always be accurate or the information up to date.

Let’s say you and your neighbour  are talking about real estate investing and they tell you that you shouldn’t do it because the market is terrible and renters are a pain. The first question you need to ask them is if they currently own any investment property themselves. If not, then is their advice the best  you can find out there.

By talking to a professional whether it is a Realtor, mortgage professional,  or a seasoned real estate investor you can get up to date information, stats and real world advice that works.

Remember advice around the water cooler is always great to hear but not always the best to listen too.

Watch this video for some more thoughts.


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